Debunking The Big Misconceptions About Vehicle Exporting

Debunking The Big Misconceptions About Vehicle Exporting.

Having specialized in U.S. and Canadian vehicle exporting for several years, I have gained a deep knowledge of why certain people support the practice, and also why many people don’t. For the latter group, it boils down to this:

The biggest misconception about our industry is that vehicle exporting is illegal.

In fact, quite the opposite is true: Vehicle exporting is an established, legitimate and lawful enterprise. So, why do some people think the practice is illegal? This is likely due to two reasons: 1) a lack of understanding about gray-market trading and 2) unwarranted negative press coverage that lingers online. Here is a brief breakdown of those two challenges that our industry faces.

Vehicle exporting fits the definition of gray-market trading — a term that is unfamiliar to many.

Unlike a black market, which involves illegal transactions of counterfeit goods, a gray market refers to the trade of authentic products through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by original manufacturers.


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