China is cutting the tariffs it charges on imported cars, giving a potential boost to foreign automakers in the world’s

After weeks of tensions, China and the United States have reached a ceasefire. Both sides this weekend said they had

China says some progress was made in trade talks with the United States this week but acknowledged that the two

China will add a further eight areas to the parallel-import car pilot program to augment the existing nine pilot areas,

From 2018 consumers will be able to personally import a new car from another country up to once every two

China Automobile Dealers Association announced on Feb 1 that the country imported 16.8 percent more cars in 2017 as compared

From the latest designer fashion to the most cutting-edge high-tech products, China’s increasingly open market has brought the world’s best

China will allow selected auto dealers registered in Shanghai’s free trade zone to import and sell cars without the consent

Manufacturers sometimes try to prevent imports of their goods to third countries in the EU. However, this interest may be